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Two New Videos and New York Comic Con

Nick - writer - posted on Thursday, 02/05/09 20:11:59 EST

Hey everybody, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I had a problem logging in, but better late then never I always say.

This week we have two new Street Fighter IV videos for your viewing enjoyment. C.I and I visited Tri-County Flee Market and spoke with Bryan again and he kept telling us to visit Peter Pan, which we will in the future when all of us are together.

We got two videos, one of CI’s first time and my second time using Abel. I keep screwing up his air grab, Falling Sky, while I try to go into his punch and grab combo that he has.

As always, if you want to see the latest videos, hit up our Blip.TV Channel. The videos are there first, then they get put up on YouTube. The Batman pinball video got flagged due to the Danny Elefman song, but I got a replacement song and hopefully 2600 will edit it and throw it up onto YouTube.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on YouTube as well as my inbox, regarding Tokyo Game Action. A few weeks ago their site went down. You could access their forums, but even that went down as well. After going back onto DDRFreak, I saw there was a thread for TGA and Andy did respond saying, the site was down but he’s working on getting it up soon, but he has meetings to work out so he is still working on getting TGA back on it’s feet. We here at Press Start wish him the best of luck and hope to see you at TGA soon.

This weekend is the fourth New York Comic Con. I will be attending on Friday, while CI is under the weather, he’ll try to make it Friday, if not he’ll try to make it Saturday and Sunday. Last time I spoke to 2600 he said he was coming home for the weekend and if he gets the chance, he’ll try to come on Saturday for the convention.

I’m looking forward to meeting Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, Batman The Animated Series Producer, Bruce Tim and hopefully Peter Laird will be back so I can get my TMNT graphic novel autographed. I had it since I was a kid and was angry I didn’t get it signed last year.

Regarding conventions this year. We were asked about doing panels for I-Con again this year. We’re still trying to iron out stuff. We don’t have a panel of our own this year but we’re going to see if we can join on any panels of discussion.

Funspot’s tournament is a week before Animazement in North Carolina. Depending on which guests they get will decide on which one I go to. Being the Sailor Moon fan that I am, I’m angry that I missed out on the guests they had last year and I hear their trying to get the creator, Naoko Takeuchi to come as well. If on the slight chance that does happen, you’ll have to pry me away from there. Even if my car breaks down, I’ll walk there to meet her, because she hasn’t made an appearance at and American Convention since Comic Con in San Diego almost fifteen years ago.

Otakon sounds out for the most part. Even though I helped out with two other panels and did out 10 Games panel, solo last year, I just didn’t have that much fun last year. I heard a lot of other people didn’t like last year’s convention either. Maybe it’s just I’m getting older and I’m not into much of the newer shows their offering.

The biggest reason for skipping Otakon is the fact that PAPA 12 is the week afterwards. Plus we have some sights to hit in Pennsylvania and I want to make sure I get ALL of PAPA this year and I know 2600 is sore for missing it last year so I know he wants in and the same goes for C.I. I just need to go slow with the money there. I dropped ten bucks in change faster then dumping it on the floor.

Well, that’s it for me for this week. Sorry for not uploading last week, but there really wasn’t much to talk about. I will have pictures and videos from the New York Comic Con on Wednesday. See you next week.

New Video! Batman Pinball!

Nick - writer - posted on Saturday, 01/24/09 3:35:02 EST

Hey everybody. Well after a very long delay, the videos are back! 2600 whipped up his editing magic for us and went above and beyond the call of duty and got a pretty sweet video on Stern's new Batman pinball machine.

Batman..the pinball machine.

The game is a lot of fun and much better then Stern's last game, Indiana Jones. The game plays really fast and smooth, there's a lot of different multiball modes and fun shots to hit. The only problem is the voice work. They didn't get many of the real actors recorded lines, but some of the more memorable quotes are in the game, including some from the late Heath Ledger.

In other absolutely awesome arcade news, we'll be seeing a spiritual sequel to Hydro Thunder in 2009! It was announced over on our good friend's, Arcade Heroes that Raw Thrills got some of the old team responsible together for Hydro Thunder together to work on a brand new racer.


H2Overdrive looks damn nice and I can't wait to play it. They say the cab is going to have the classic throttle lever just like Hydro Thunder and being able to pull off tricks in the middle of jumps for more boost time looks like it'll be a game that will welcome everybody. Once we see it in the arcades we will get some video footage and a review for you.

Well that's it for this week. 2600's hard at work on more pinball videos as well as finishing up the video we took at Castle Video last month, so stay tuned for that!


2600 - writer/artist - posted on Friday, 01/16/09 22:13:21 EST

UPDATE!: After numerous tries of fixing my past two computers (yup, I went through two. The laptop with the hacked Spanish operating system bit the dust two days ago. Again F*CKIN' Windows automatic update was left on...) I finally gave in and bought a new PC TODAY! I wasn't planning on buying a new PC (low on cash) but after talking with Nick and hearing about the numerous e-mails from you, our fans, about when the next video will be up (again thanks all for the support) and after watching an Evening with Kevin Smith 1 and 2 (his words about going and making your movie and using credit cards for funding was definitely inspirational in helping persuade me) I made my decision. I went to a local Circuit City and got pretty sweet HP desktop for $500 bucks even (to get the same PC from their site custom built would've cost me well over 600 bucks).

This means you can expect a new video this FRIDAY, followed by a new comic next week. We are running down to the last few Arcade Hunters videos in our first season (about 2 left, give or take) and we will begin shooting the 2nd season this spring/summer. Now this doesn't mean we are not going to have new bi-weekly video's. Nick and I have already began working on some more "historical" style video's where we will showcase some of our favorite arcade games. These video's will run until we have enough material for the second season. We already have a rather huge list of arcades to check out for season two. So check back Friday for a new video!!!

Some good and rather big news. First off I managed to fix my old laptop so that I have some sort of computer to work with (my desktop crapped out, won't turn on, it fails in POST so I can't even get a screen to use the recovery software and it would cost more then it's worth to fix it). This was no easy feat. I had to track down a copy of the recovery software in my price range (free) and then install it. Of course the software I was able to obtain was in Spanish so I had a Spanish version of Windows XP (si). I managed to get into Regedit and change the language numbers so that I would be able to read and understand my computer. This means I will be able to work on comics and that's about it because I do not have a firewire port to hook my camera up to. I will hopefully locate one for my PCI slot and be back in business. We have some great NEW footage of Castle Video which includes some great pinball footage.

Now the big news. First off Video Video Game Trader Magazine has been doing nothing but growing. The newest issue is now up to 56 pages and is chock full of news, reviews, interviews, and comics. If you haven't already, get your butt on over to www.videogametrader.com and subscribe! The Editor in Chief has some huge plans for the little magazine and who knows what the future holds...well I know one little thing the future holds and that is the new section of Video Game Trader where I will be writing about and reviewing Japanese import games! You heard it, not only will I be continuing the Press Start story comic in Video Game Trader, I will also be contributing articles on Japanese import gaming. I already have a lengthy list of games to cover and am starting off with Treasure's Bangai-O! for the Nintendo 64. The article will include a review, overview, and even some comparison information between the N64 and the Dreamcast versions of the game.

Last but not least, I had a somewhat lengthy conversation with Cap'n Treacherous and he is on board for the Press Start video game. The Cap'n will be lending his writing and planning talents to the project. I have done more studying of the software I am using for the game and everything is starting to shape up. All I can say so far is the story stays true to the characters and the web-comic which means you can expect some crazy antics and shenanigans.

The Greatest Mod, Ever

Nick - writer - posted on Thursday, 01/15/09 19:55:37 EST

Hey everybody. Once again no new news to report. Haven't heard back from 2600 in a while, the weather's been really bad up there and we also had a good sized snowfall here too today. As always, when I hear anything new, I'll let you know.

Now, for something truly awesome. I meant to post this last week, but since it was Christmas, I just chilled out because it was nice to have a week off. I saw this on YouTube, and the other day it was featured on Attack From The Show, so I decided on posting it here for some more people to see.

Left 4 Dead, Macho Madness!

Oh yeah!! Dig it! Now that L4D is patched, I went back again and played it some more with the Macho Man Mod on and it was hilarious. Hearing zombies scream "Get yer hands of Elizabeth!" and "BONESAW IS READY!!!" made me crack up and nearly wet my pants.

There's another mod out there that turns the town into Raccoon City from Resident Evil 2 and of course the Day of the Dead and Shaun of the Dead mods too.

If you have the PC version of the game, be sure to check them out.

I'd like to close out by saying Good Luck, to our pal Captain Treacherous. He started law school in Chicago a week ago, and I hope he's doing well.

See you all next week.

Same thing, different day.

Nick - writer - posted on Wednesday, 01/07/09 22:32:25 EST

Hey everybody. Well, nothing much on the news front here. I somehow lost the battery charger to my digital camera so I have to hunt down for it a fourth time or pony up the money to get myself a new one.

As 2600 said on Friday, we had another excellent time at Castle Video last week. Nothing but high praise to Captain Kirk. If your in the area and want to play some great pinball, be sure to check him out. I don't know what it is about New Jersey, but they sure do have some great places to play pinball. If your at Castle Video, 8 on the Break and even the Jersey shore, there's places to play. I just wish more people would go out and play.

On the other news front, it's sad to say, EGM is closing up shop. I was a subscriber back in the SNES and Genny days. I still remember the Shen Long April Fools joke, Sushi-X's reviews and hearing all the big rumors from Quarterman. It's sad to see them go, but since the 90's you could just get all the news you wanted for free online, so unless they had big exclusive interviews and pictures (which would be leaked online anyway) it was better saving your money and going online.

I'm getting ready for Street Fighter IV next month. 2600 and I will be getting it on the 360 so you will see us on there. I'm also in the process of upgrading my 360 stick to real Japanese Swana parts, so I can have a stick just like at Tokyo Game Action.

We're also trying to get our videos out onto other sites. Nothing really in the works but I've been talking to some people to try to get our stuff out to more people then the small audience we have on Blip and Youtube. (Even though 90% of the people watching us on YouTube are all there for James' interview)

We also tried to make it out to MAGFest this year but weren't able to attend due to time and money. I'm thinking of going to New York Comic Con again this year, because they did put on an awesome show, I just got to bring more money, because I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not getting the show exclusive TMNT deluxe gift set.

Once we find out our 2009 plans for conventions we'll let you know. With the way I-Con is being set up this year, I'm thinking about taking the year off till they go back to Stony Brook and not to three different places. In the spring time, I might be going down to Animazement depending on which guests they get, if they don't, I'll be going to the FunSpot tournament with everybody else. Then of course there's Otakon. 2600 and I haven't discussed anything as far as a new panel goes but we are strongly thinking about going as well as PAPA 12 this August.

Hopefully I'll have more news on Friday. So see you then.

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